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12 New UK Hotels To Book For A Stylish Staycation

2021 is officially the year of the staycation. Even though jetting off abroad has become an option again, for some people it’s either a. still too risky or b. way too much faff, meaning holidays on home shores have soared in popularity. Luckily, a host of new hotels have opened in the UK this year, meaning you’re spoilt for choice […]

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BBC One's Vigil is all we can think about right now. A gripping new series that's giving us our thriller fix without feeling too harrowing.


That amazing £16 floral shirt from Tu at Sainsbury's. We love the Liberty-style ditsy print and it looks cute with everything from jeans to dungarees.


Our hearts say it's still summer but our brain says otherwise: we're diving straight into Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes whilst we can!

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